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Drabble for Mystkytten's Birthday!! Everything is Bigger in Texas, complete

Tittle:: Everything is Bigger in Texas
Author:: Calanor
For:: Mystkytten!!
Happy Birthday!!

Everything is Bigger in Texas

"Harry! What are you doing?" Severus came the front door of their home, standing in shock. Harry Potter was petting a dragon. A great big full grown dragon. 

"Mystkytten is having a birthday. I thought she might like a dragon!"

Severus pinched the bridge of his nose. "And pray tell, where is she to house this dragon? She lives in Texas."

"Its Texas. Everything is bigger in Texas. She could tell her neighbors it's just a iguana. They'll believe her."

Rolling his dark eyes, "Harry. Iguanas don't breath fire."

Smiling, "This one does." Harry continued to pet the large green dragon. "Doesn't he remember what they did about the new Godzilla movie? They told everybody that he grew up from a Gila monster." 

Tags: birthday drabbles, complete, drabble:: everything is bigger in texas, fandom:: harry potter, harry/severus, may2009, mystkytten
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