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a plea for help..

Everything is under the cut....

I'm still behind in my rent and other bills.. it wouldn't have been so bad this month .. but someone hacked into my checking account.. which is now closed..

I still have the joint one with my Mother. but it's safe for the time being..

I don't like asking or begging.. but I have no other choice.. when I got sick in February, things have just gotten worse.. I can't seem to catch up on anything.. or if I do.. something happens.. and I'm back in the same boat.. And with me being my Mother's caregiver.. and no help from my family..

I'm just at my wits end.. If I have to beg I will but please help me.. I don't know what else to do..

If you can help me.. My paypal email is

Again if you can help anyway .. I would be most grateful.

~aka Calanor
Tags: help, personal
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