Fest Fics..

I'm trying!!! Honest to god.. but the darn thing wants to be like a GODZILLA!!! I keep trying out different bunnies.. and OH wants more.. it's wants to grow.. and grow... *headdesk*

please tell me others have this problem!!

It's my first real big fest fic... *whimpers*

You don't think my recipient's would mind if it was a big story????

Bring back the porn..

Okay.. my lovely F-list.. give me some prompts to work with..

Snarry is preferred.. POST Hogwarts...

Remus/Lucius.. is good..

Ron/Draco.. is good..

Even a Non-magic would be good..

I'll check back before I go to work.. and see what everyone's ideas are..

A bit of Research

When a girl goes to boarding school in England.. UK.... where does she go???

I know the most popular for the boys is Eton..

Is the schooling for Baristers (sp?) and lawyers the same???

Is medical schooling the same as well??? in both Countries???

and one more...

if you were to buy a book.. what storyline intrigues you the most.. Would you read a story with a threesome???

I think I blew people's conception me out of the water...

I live in a rural area... Bible belt.. you know.. where one of the local preachers made a big point of telling all the newspapers.. that Harry Potter was leading the children of God into HELL.. I think he forgot the adults..

I grew up in the 80's... you know big hair.. REAL rock.. and roll .. Madonna.. and Bon Jovi were the King and Queens of the music waves.. The birth of MTV and Music Videos..

And of course somewhere in there.. The sexual revolution really began.. and AIDS became a threat.. the unknown disease..

Being gay or friends of gay people get you lectured... and preached at from the local religious idiots....

Is there a point to this??? well yeah..

A girl I went to school with.. (remember 80's) Her name is Rhonda.. was married.. and now divorced.. She began working at the nursing home...where I work..

Now I've known Rhonda.. 25 or more years.. We was out on break.. and when I take breaks.. I take my notebooks and try to do a 15 min speed writing..

Rhonda was jabbering.. and jabbering.. and I was making the appropiate nods.. and sure.. really..

"I'm Gay, Kim."

I look up and say .. okay..

"Aren't you upset??"

I don't work on fanfiction at work.. I try .. but not when people are around.. I get ribbed enough.. I took the notebook I was writing in.. opened it back to my character page.. I handed it too her, I said read the list.. the two top are the main characters.

"Hadrian and Seth? You gonna call her Hadi?"

"NO HIS name is Hadrian.. and HIS name is Seth.. "

"You're writing Gay erotica?!"

No..I'm writing a story about a gay couple...this one is about a threesome with a werewolfe theme.. This one is het and slash.. It's about real life.. Nothing you can say can surprise me..

I think she was trying to shock me.. but I shocked her..

all this stuff is driving me NUTZ!!

All this stuff with LJ and work is driving me crazy. It took me forever to figure out cuts and tags and such.

So if you want to keep up with me at other journals.. I'm at GreatestJournal under Seulwolfe and InsaneJournal, under Calanor.
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taken from the_minx_17

Pay It Forward: I will send a handmade gift to the first 3 people who leave a comment requesting to join this PIF exchange. I don’t know what that gift will be yet, but you will receive it within 365 days. The only thing you have to do in return is "pay it forward" by making a similar agreement on your blog.

Well it's true..

The old version of Salem's Lot scared the piss out of me as a kid...

watching the new one... equally.. OR MORE.. has done the same thing..

Glad there is no windows in the bathroom.. or I would have been fucked..

And this one is more intense than the one from the early 80's...

I'll stick to my version of vampires.. Sexy.. suave.. and Slashy goodness..
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